Information and Spatial data are now critical for every organisation, driving smarter decision-making, planning and execution. As the power of spatial data has increased, evolving standards and the ever-expanding range of formats are adding complexity for GIS and IT Departments.

Our core business focuses on reducing workloads of our customers by building advanced data products sourced from key partners (including HERE Technologies) and subsequently populating enterprise spatial databases for our end users. NAVIGATE’s specialist geospatial data engineers efficiently integrate and build data sets from diverse structures and formats with our customised workflows and off the shelf solutions.

The complex data engineering, associated assessment, management, planning and development tasks are facilitated by our extensive technology experience across a wide range of GIS vendor products. Our well equipped GIS lab extends our core knowledge and strengths and enables us to deliver data solutions that immediately work on client sites.

Our re-engineered, international and local data products are largely sourced from raw data supplied by HERE Technologies, and work immediately with the range of ESRI ArcGIS desktop and server and mobile platforms.