The Administrative Boundaries dataset is a collection of polygon layers applicable to a wide variety of uses. PSMA Australia receives and collates data from its primary contributors and populates a standardised and normalised Integrated Data Model (IDM). The data is managed in state based schemas that separately store the primary attributes data, individual geometry and meaningful explanatory look-ups. There are differences in content and boundary definitions between jurisdictions. for example some will incorporate a detailed version of the coastline, others may omit significant bays and estuaries while others have polygons stretching far out to sea to cover islands yet may not have a cartographic coastline at all.

NAVIGATE, as a PSMA primary Value Added Reseller (VAR) receives the PSMA datasets in the raw delivery format and prepares GIS ready data layers that have been largely de-normalised and formatted for direct loading  into the customer’s preferred GIS application. The original polygon data supplied by PSMA has been clipped and infilled by NAVIGATE to coincide with ASGS state polygons. PSMA boundaries within each state have been honoured except where adjustments have been made to remove voids and overlaps

The Administrative Boundaries dataset is comprised of five themes:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Boundaries which includes four layers:
    • ASGS datasets used for the 2016 census comprising Mesh blocks, SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4 and GCCSA.
    • Urban centre localities (UC/Ls) from 2016 Census
    • Mesh blocks (MBs) from 2016 Census
  • Electoral Boundaries which includes two layers:
    • Commonwealth electoral boundaries
    • State / Territory electoral boundaries
  • Local Government Areas
  • Suburbs/Localities
  • Town Points
  • State Boundaries