NAVMap products are integrated into many elements of ESRI’s broad suite of GIS products. ESRI users get instant access to sophisticated scaled cartography, network analysis and geocoding functions as soon as they drag the files onto their system from the delivery repositories.


Cartographic configurations developed by NAVIGATE are supplied with NAVMap for Esri. This provides a user-friendly display mechanism for ArcMAP users (.mxd files) and also ArcGIS Pro users (.lyrx files). Layers have been logically grouped with scale dependent rendering of data and labels designed for high quality cartographic display.

Scales have been set up to reflect useful viewing scales for the relevant country or area of interest. Layer symbology and label styles change as the user zooms, and where appropriate bookmarks have been setup to allow a user to quickly view an area of interest within a NAVMap dataset.


The Address Locator supplied with NAVMap has been customised by NAVIGATE for each country. It is built using a customised Locator template developed from the best available address format information for a country. Appropriate aliases for street types and localities have been built into the locator definition where this information is available.

For each street segment there may be multiple address records that can be queried to identify a geocoding match. Multiple address records cater for situations such as old street names, vanity names, postal names and differing address ranges. Multiple address records also support multiple languages including multiple character sets.  For example, For countries in the Middle East Arabic address information and the English transliteration of that address information will be available to the geocoding engine via NAVMap Address Locators.

As a result of the customisations the NAVMap Address Locators will provide a significantly better match rate than a locator built using the standard Address Locators supplied with ArcGIS.  The NAVMap Address Locator can be used for interactive destination selection, reverse geocoding and batch geocoding.


NAVMap data comes with a pre-built routing index ready to use immediately with ESRI client software.

The NAVMap routing index is built using Esri’s Network Analyst technology and incorporates turn restrictions, one-way restrictions, relative elevation data, access restrictions and time and length cost attributes.  A modified time cost attribute is also supplied reflecting the generally slower traffic conditions in urban areas.  Global Turn Delay and the Directions information have been populated for the Network including the use of signpost directions.

In addition the NAVMap Transport product includes Height, Weight, Length and Width parameterised restrictions built into the Network where they are published by HERE.  Additional turn restrictions and transport preferred routes are also included for heavy transport vehicles.

Geodatabase and ArcGIS Server Cache Files

NAVMap is delivered in a structured file geodatabase. It is designed to be easily imported into the enterprise geodatabase via drag and drop operations using ArcCatalog. Similarly, NAVIGATE further simplifies the End User tasking by creating a set of both standard ArcGIS Server compact cache files and vector tile packages using the defined cartography. For major clients we also offer to develop bespoke cache file sets using client specific cartography and cache specifications if that is required.