NAVIGATE uses HERE Technologies Street Address Range and Point Address data products to create ESRI locators for countries outside Oceania. Using the same logic that has been developed for our GNAF Geocoding Kit for ESRI, our locator development workflows are built to parse english addresses where the HERE source data supports the language either by source data or by or transliteration. Reverse geocoding is supported.

Currently we build (or have built) locators for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the UAE. Any of our ESRI supported locators will work directly in ArcGIS Pro or may be published as a geocoding service inside ArcGIS Enterprise where it may be accessed by any ESRI mobile, desktop (Map and Pro), and web client technology. The capability of the locators is largely determined by the quality, coverage and extent of the source records in the HERE country repository.

Contact NAVIGATE directly for an assessment of the suitability of a locator build for the country list of your choice.