Get instant access to the census data with the ArcCensus toolbar on your ArcMap desktop.

ArcCensus saves users time and costs by consolidating and presenting data from over ten thousand raw files in the Australian Bureau of Statistics Community Profile Data Packs.

ArcCensus is an ArcGIS extension that is managed from its own ArcMap toolbar. It enables you to build a new feature class of census information from selected census attributes combined with standard or user-defined boundary sets. The census layer is automatically integrated with all the other spatial data in the ArcMap session and managed with standard ArcGIS functionality.

Key features of ArcCensus:

  • Flexible geographic selection capability. Select from standard ABS geographic boundaries or choose your organisation’s own customised boundaries.
  • Aggregate any level of census statistics (eg SA1, SA2 Etc) to user-defined polygons by proportioning each intersecting fraction according to its percentage of the total area.
  • Choose your geographies using the ABS hierarchies eg select SA1s by selecting Local Government Areas from a list or a map
  • Intuitively find and select census statistics columns to be attributed to your geography.
  • Select a range of ABS data cells across several census tables.
  • Create your own statistical columns using formulae based on the selected census cells.
  • Store both geographic selections and census data set definitions, including calculated cells, as metadata. This allows the same census field set to be defined once and used with many different geography sets or to use the same geography set for multiple census data extracts.
  • Generate reports from the data in your new layers. These can be printed or imported into other office applications for further analysis and formatting.
  • Save output as Geodatabase feature classes.
  • Calculated fields can be used as input for other calculated fields. There are 75 mathematical operators and functions that can be used for calculated fields.
  • Generic data repository model stored in a single File Geodatabase or ArcSDE Schema.
  • Growing library of historical data profiles including previous Census’ data or custom data like spend or segmentation attributes.
  • Quickly switch between different data profiles such as Basic Community Profile, SEIFA Profile etc.
  • Custom data selections (and custom field formulae) are stored in files so you can share your selections with colleagues and they can run exactly the same query as you.