With over 30 years experience, NAVIGATE has the ability to perform consultancy tasks for our end users when called upon. The skills and experience developed in building our internal data engineering workflows provide a resource that may be called upon to perform external tasking at any stage.

Spatial Consulting

Spatial Data Engineering

With our in house GIS platforms, NAVIGATE has the ability to engineer and subsequently create optimally structured spatial databases for our clients. We are able to translate third party data using FME and other tools, integrate client specific data and create customised spatial databases. Further value may be added by linking to a spatial structures and applying correct symbology.

Large Scale GeoSpatial Databases

NAVIGATE has been applying database technologies to geospatial data for many years. We have the capabilities to Oracle Spatial, ArcGIS server, MS SQL Server and PostGIS based geospatial database solutions for clients on premise. Our in-house data processing environment uses both Oracle Spatial and ArcGIS Server.


NAVIGATE uses the geocoding products we build for customers as an in-house resource to perform geocoding operations as a service for clients. Addresses may be supplied as csv or text files and the resulting geocodes, cleaned addresses and ancillary data maybe be returned in any format needed.

Bespoke Builds for ESRI Users

Our in-house GIS Lab and ESRI skills enable NAVIGATE to build ESRI data products and structures from users that have their own datasets.

Geocoding Locators

Our locator builds use reference datasets from our supplier partners. Similarly, we are able to build ESRI Geocoding locators from user supplied reference datasets so clients may use the ESRI Geocoding tools against their own dataset. Reference datasets may be Address Points, Address Ranges or POI data.

Our team are also to integrate our third party reference datasets with client supplied data to build a unique and enhanced geocoder capability for that organisation.


ArcGIS Network Analyst Feature Datasets are complex to build and on occasion an organisation needs a network dataset that is built on their own road network data rather then one we are able to supply commercially.

The existing NAVIGATE workflows provide a framework to quickly undertake such tasks, either in house or on-premise.

Enterprise Server Cache Development

NAVIGATE builds both ESRI Map Image Tilesets and Vector Tile Packages from our data for those users who employ on-premise ArcGIS Enterprise Server installations.

Our team also has the ability to build bespoke cartography and server cache packages for users who have their own cartography specification or require cache sets sourced from their own geospatial data sets.