The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is Australia’s national statistical agency. Among many other tasks, every 5 years it conducts a national census that provides a demographic snapshot of the Australian population. The census data is published in many forms including a very thorough set of files that provide population attribute counts for the whole country down to a neighbourhood level of detail. With over 50,000 neighbourhood polygons at the finest level of detail (called SA1) and many thousands of attributes for every polygon, the data management and processing tasks are daunting , especially for an occasional user.

NAVIGATE has been involved with applying spatial technology to ABS data for over 20 years and has developed a range of products to help our customers to leverage maximum advantage from the valuable information stored within the vast ocean of data contained in each census profile.

NAVIGATE has been developing ArcCensus datasets since the 2001 census. These all use a standardised database structure that contains the statistical polygon (spatial) layers and dozens of related attribute tables that contain the statistical counts. Associated with these basic datasets are a set of metadata tables that are used by ArcCensus to populate its menus and generally enhance the presentation of data extracts for users.

NAVIGATE Census repositories are available in popular spatial Relational Data Base Management System  like Oracle  and SQL server.

Profiles available include

  • Basic Community Profile (1996, 2001,2006 and 2011 )
  • General Community Profile (2016)
  • Time Series Profile (2006 and 2011 )
  • Working Population Profile (2006 and 2011 )
  • Indigenous Profile (2006 and 2011 )
  • SIEFA (2006, 2011 and 2016 )
  • New Zealand Census Profile (2006 and 2013)