NAVIGATE’s major business operation is the creation of on-premise content for ESRI ArcGIS customers from HERE data. Our NAVMap range of products are a suite of re-engineered global data sets sourced from HERE Technologies. Data is available for Australia, New Zealand or any of the other 200 countries for which HERE produces raw data content.

NAVMap products are off-the-self datasets, delivered usually in ESRI filegeodatabases, that enable on-premise mapping, routing, geocoding and geospatial analysis. All NAVMap products will work immediately in the ArcGIS desktop and server environments so there is no requirement for further effort by the end user.


Operations and capabilities supported by the NAVMap data products include:

  • Find addresses anywhere on a street network prepared for use with your GIS application
  • Quickly create intelligent maps using the data provided and add third party data if needed.
  • Perform simple point-to-point or optimized routing across the entire national street network as well as other network analysis computations.
  • Include additional and advanced HERE data content as required.
  • The NAVMap data structures have been made as simple to use as possible with a view to point and click applications for the spatial data layers.
  • NAVMap is available for continental, national, regional or area of interest data delivery in variety of mainstream GIS technology formats.
  • NAVMap includes vector tile packages (.vtpk) for rapid ArcGIS Enterprise support.
  • NAVMap is available at a number of licensing levels offering flexibility to match user requirements.
  • Premium data extension packs available such as Enhanced Speed Information, Truck, Traffic Information and Signs/Camera Alerts.