HERE Technologies distributes several traffic related products that enable better understanding of the road network patterns and behaviour.

Traffic Patterns

Traffic Patterns are a 3 to 5 year rolling average of traffic speeds on the road segments by time of day and day of week. Time intervals are published in 15 or 60 minute intervals in csv files and this data is integrated into the ArcGIS Network Analyst Feature dataset by NAVIGATE to provide better routing analysis, drivetime computations and all other associated network calculations that are part of ArcGIS Network Analyst.

Real Time Traffic

The HERE Real Time Traffic product is a further advance in describing the behaviour of the road network. Supplied as a realtime data feed, the datastream is also integrated into the ArcGIS Network by NAVIGATE and results in improved “current” network analysis and routing/drivetime operations.

In some geographies, the Real Time Traffic datastream is replaced by a Predictive Traffic data stream that provides not only the Real Time data but also predicted traffic speeds for the next 12 hours on the road segment. This data stream is useful for routing and drivetime analysis where the results exceed 15 to 30 minutes duration

Traffic Analytics

For those organisations requiring a deeper level of understanding of their road network, HERE Traffic Analytics is a rich dataset containing the actual traffic speeds along the road segments every 5, 15 or 60 minutes over a period of time going back 5 years in some cases.

HERE Traffic Analytics is built on a database of over one trillion GPS data points, available across all roads in 57 countries.

It may be used to accurately model the effects of planned road network changes and will delivers realistic and actionable results. Truck-specific speed observations are included to help guide decisions around freight performance reliability.